Letchworth Go Club

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The Letchworth go club had been meeting in Letchworth and Stevenage but has now moved fully to Stevenage and is being reborn as the Stevenage (North Herts) go club. 

It meets on Tuesday evenings at the IBIS hotel (in the bar). 

You can contact the organisers of the club at:  715stones at gmail dot com   They can confirm if the club is meeting that night. The club has a range of abilities and is welcoming to novice players. 


Past news:

We usually start each meeting with some coaching activity - often a review of a game played by one of our members.  We then play friendly games on our club 'go dragon'.   No one is ever left without a game. If there is an odd number attending, one of the stronger players will double up and play a simul.

We currently have a broad range of strength including dan level, single digit kyus, double digit kyus and near beginners. We actively welcome those new to the game.

Find the Letchworth Go Club room on KGS under "clubs".

New: Some of our members have joined up with Milton Keynes and St Albans to form an online Three Counties team within the BGA run online team league competition.

Club fees are £3 per session (£1.50 concessions) which includes tea / coffee and biscuits.

Club News

The club has attracted a number of regulars. All abilities are welcome.  Our members range from near beginner up to dan level with a good number of mid kyu players so you should find a game to suit you. The very first meeting of our new club was on 18 April 2013.

Our members include those who like to play a friendly over the board game as well as some regular tournament players.

The club hosted its own tournament in Letchworth in 2014 piloting a new rapid game format (based on the popular chess rapid play events).

The Letchworth Go Club hosted the British Open Go Congress in Stevenage on 5-7 April 2013. Over 60 people attended from around the country and professional 9 dan player Michael Redmond was on hand to provide teaching and game analysis.

Club Details

Letchworth Go Club is a place where you can come and play the oriental game of Go.

Go is sometimes known as igo (the Japanese name), weiqi (the Chinese name) or Baduk (Korean name).

We are always pleased to welcome new members to our club. We expect members to include some complete beginners as well as more experienced players.

It does not matter if you come every week or just now and then. If you have not played before then there will always be someone who can explain the rules and help you to get started.

Club Activities

We offer the following activities at the club:

  • Friendly go games with club members
  • Teaching the game to beginners
  • Teaching tips for improving players
  • Club ladder
  • Club tournaments

Club Contacts

Please contact Alison Bexfield (telephone 01462 684648) for more information or email us on Letchworthgoclub at bexfield.com