Letchworth Go Club

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The Letchworth go club is currently dormant. The nearest go club is the Stevenage (North Herts) Go Club which meets on Tuesday evenings.  You can find the details on the club page of the British Go Association.  

Past club news:

The club hosted its own tournament in Letchworth in 2014 piloting a new rapid game format (based on the popular chess rapid play events).

The Letchworth Go Club hosted the British Open Go Congress in Stevenage on 5-7 April 2013. Over 60 people attended from around the country and professional 9 dan player Michael Redmond was on hand to provide teaching and game analysis.


Letchworth welcomes Chess and Go players

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Letchworth has seen increasing interest in the strategy games of chess and go over recent years. This website provides you with information on where you can meet up with other people to play these fascinating games. Letchworth offers a choice of clubs depending on your age and interests:

Letchworth and Hitchin Chess Club: Open to all who want to play social and league chess.  Meets Mondays from 7.45pm. 

Letchworth Junior Chess and Go Club: Caters for junior players up to and including year 13, split into two age / ability groups.  Meets Thursday evenings. 

You can find out more about the different clubs and their activities by looking at the different pages on this website.