Letchworth 1st Rapid Play Go Tournament

This tournament was successfully held on Saturday 8 November 2014. We hope to repeat a rapid play tournament with junior sections some time during 2016.

Overall winner was Tim Hunt 2 dan from Milton Keynes.
Overall winner of the junior section was Melchior Chui (Cambridge junior club), closely followed by Charlotte from our own club.

The format was an experimental 6 round rapid play (sudden death on the clocks). This was based on the popular chess rapid play events which enable people to play a greater variety of opponents in one day. Next time we may allow slightly more time and restrict it to a 5 round event as the 30 minute time limits were quite challenging for full board go.

We also ran a novice small board junior event in the afternoon alongside the main tournament with some optional coaching in the morning for the juniors.

The tournament was split into a number of sections (using British Go Association grades) for prizes.

All ages and abilities were made very welcome.